Youth Learning and Empowerment

DWLSDI provides trainings learning and empowerment to support youth development and improved wellbeing. These training s include:

  1. Vocational programme
  2. Vocational education
  3. External training
  4. School Work/Project Trainings
  5. Workshop and learning
  6. Advice on Vocational Training
  7. Providing assistance for skill development in diverse area
  8. Organizing Workshop for skills development
  9. Providing Citizenship Courses.
  10. Basic Education Training programmes
  11. Basic SHG membership education and mobilization
  12. trainings
  13.  Leadership training
  14.  Communication and Teamwork Trainings. Etc.

Youth Apprehenticeship DWLSDI also provides youth apprentices training as artisan, craftsmen and technician. We outsourced trained personnel to organization in the public and private sector.