Research and Development

DWLSDI provides training at its centre in Ibadan in all vocations. It collaborates with universities, polytechnics, research institutes, other tertiary institutes, secondary and primary schools to encourage innovation and creativity among the talented students, workers and researchers. Researches and projects results and inventions in all institutions are monitored and efforts are made to commercialize them. Research and Development (R&D) of major industries in Nigeria and developed countries are also monitored and developed. Trainings are provided to students to sharpen their innovative thinking, to build power of their taught and to invent.

          Trainings are also provided for students and workers on major lifestyle issues and environmental problems inhibiting creativity to unlock their potential and encourage them to be innovative and creative. DWLDI encourages gifted workers children in universities, schools and colleges. Student’s projects are monitored and healthy competition in science and technologies are encouraged among students through trainings. DWLSDS organizes students and workers visit to universities, research centres and industries in emerging and developed nation to enable them to benefit from their innovation and inventions.

Technical Linkages and Co-Operations

DWLSDI co-operates and partners with institutions, workshops and technology innovation centres to provide customized learning for improved technology innovation and wellbeing ofthe creative and innovative workers and youths.

Workers and Managements Training Centre and Technical Workshops

DWLSDI has training centres and technical workshops. Each of them provide trainings in all aspects of management and entrepreneurial studies  including and the workshop apprenticeship for artisans, craftsmen and technicians in Motor Mechanic, Welding, Steel Fabrication and Equipment Manufacturing, Carpentry and Joinery at its headquarters at Ibadan DWLSDI liaises and associates with other experienced mechanics and technicians with well- maintained and well equipped workshop to use their facilities and to engage them as instructor in providing practical training for trainees and apprentices. DWLSDI provides training courses and apprenticeships in the basic technical in these areas in conjunction with technical colleges, polytechnics and manufacturers.