The DWLSDI main objective is to provide effective methods

by which apprentices, artisan, craftsmen, petty traders and all informal sector workers organize themselves and their work in a way that they could earn sufficient income to enable them to cope with their economic and social needs and for the unemployed to work, earn sufficient income and live decently. DWLSDI nurture Self-Help-Groups (SHGs) members with different skills to grow to maturity through persuasive, informative, formative and creative methods. It provides informal and formal sector workers with basic literacy training, skills and knowledge most especially those who could not acquire workforce power as a result of insufficient or lack of education, trainings and skills, The DWLSDI specific objectives are as follows:

  • To promote fair, healthy, stable and productive working environment.
  • To encourage employees to adopt positive values, attitudes, practices and behavior to maintaining a working environment based on law and morality.
  • To promote worker’s better understanding of their rights within and outside the workplaces.
  • To encourage workers participation in the community and national social, economic and political matters.
  • To form and assist Self-Help-Groups and organisations
  • To empower unemployed graduates through training and skills development.
  • To inform worker’s of  work related risks in all organisations
  • To assist organization to establish joint safety and health committees for the enforcement of labour law and policies.
  • To provide workers with skills and training that will enable them to organize and manage their work.
  • To provide better quality of life for the largest number of informal sector workers possible
  • To assist professional groups and communities in forming SHG to improve their wellbeing.
  • To develop transparent and professionally managed vocational training programmes. –
  • To promote social protection for targeted SHG groups to improve their membefs wellbeing. –
  • To provide entrepreneurial training and skills for undergraduate and postgraduate students in all tertiary institutions.
  • To assist informal sector workers to achieve basic education in entrepreneurship.
  • To provide different types of skills for the unemployed youths to enable them to gain employment.
  • To provide basic knowledge and skills in application of science and technology for development of small scale enterprises.
  • To promote the use of science and technology by farmers and allied professions.
  • To assist workers and professional groups in achieving innovative ideas to move along with the changing conditions in their fields.
  • To provide methods of integrating various strategic approaches to achieve organizational objectives for supervisors, managers and top executives.
  • To provide skilled employees through outsourcing to organization for improved performance.
  • To reduce poverty through skill development and youth empowerment.
  • To provide effective and efficient personnel to organization for improved performance.

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