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February 28, 2020
  • 10:33 pm Decent work and the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development
  • 12:36 am Selected Training of the Institute
  • 2:41 am 5 Ways for Engineers to Improve Communication Skills and why they’re Important
  • 2:31 am Metal fabrication
  • 10:05 pm Scientists Create Innovative New Tech That Generates Renewable Electricity at Night
  • 9:15 pm China Has Released A Computer Chip That ‘Talks’ To Your Brain
  • 9:02 pm What Are the Benefits of College Vs. Technical School?
  • 8:20 pm What Are Technical Schools?
  • 8:06 pm Technology and Africa’s transformation
  • 7:52 pm The Moving Cheese And Challenges Of Nigeria’s Educational System
  • 5:43 am WHAT WE DO
  • 7:17 am Customized Dissertation Assist Online
  • 9:01 pm Customized Dissertation Assist Online
  • 6:43 am Customized Dissertation Assist Online
  • 4:24 pm Top 10 Trending Research Topics to Write About
  • 8:27 am Customized Dissertation Assist Online

Consulting Services in different areas of Business and Entrepreneurial studies are provided for individual, public service, multinational and national companies, trade unions, civil societies, NGO’s, police and other to improve their competitiveness, profitability and to solve immediate and future problems. DWSLDI also provide workers to other organization in different disciplines and know-how to companies based on agreement between the DWLSDI, Artisans, Craftsmen, and Foremen. Supervisors, Technicians, Technologists and Engineers are recruited and employed by the company Consultancy also includes the followings

Health and Life Insurance Management

DWLSDS promote health and life insurance among the self- employed workers in the informal sectors. Trainings are provided to artisan and craftsman on preparation to their pre and post retirement life.

Gratuity and Pension Management

DWLSDS provides consultancies to individual retirees, groups and organisations on how to calculate and manage their pension benefits. It liaises with Pension Commission (PENCOM) and Pension Fund Administrators (PFA) in solving problems and challenges facing retirees and organisations

Pre and Post Retirement Life Management

Pre and post retirement trainings are provided by the DWLSDS to enable workers to prepare for their retirement and post retirement life. Such trainings include time management, financial management, management of small scale enterprises, management of health and other problems associated with old age, trainings on social activities and relations and others are also provided.

Trainings for Disabled and Physically Challenged Workers/Students

Special trainings’ are provided for disabled and physically disadvantaged people to perform effectively on their jobs and to improve their wellbeing. DWLSDI collaborate with government and other groups in assisting these groups among the artisan, craftsmen and petty traders. Special education and trainings are also provided for teachers and managers of disabled children schools and institutions.