DWLSDI is people’s empowerment-oriented and human development venture for the improved wellbeing, skill development, and organizational improved performance.

It provides and promotes methods and strategies by which low income workers and the unemployed could gain control over their lives and improve their income and wellbeing. Its management teams consist of top executives, managers, academicians, top government officials, trade union officials, businessmen and others that are committed to improve employee skills, innovation and wellbeing in both private and public sectors

              The DWSLDI provides learning and training opportunities for technical and professional workers and unemployed graduates to improve their skills, innovation and creativity. It uses social protection and skills improvement methods to improve the performance and wellbeing of the targeted individuals and groups. It is also established to cater for the needs of the organizations for their effective performances to enable them to contribute to national development and poverty reduction. DWLSDI treat all people with dignity, respect and fairness. It provides solution to organization problems through the provision of effective human resource management and development programmes. It facilitates improved organization performance through the provision of effective training, coaching and mentoring for all categories of workers and managers. We are strategic partner to individual, groups, organization and government in the provision of training and incentives for decent works and skills for improved workers performance, income and wellbeing and for improved organizational growth, and national development.


The DWLSDI is people’s work performance and empowerment oriented organization through the improved entrepreneurial skills, income and wellbeing of targeted informal sector workers and unemployed youths. DWLSDI training programmes were directed to improve saving, credit activities, co-operation, mutual help and partnership among artisan, craftsmen, petty traders and unemployed graduate to organize a formidable small scale enterprise. It is also established to improve organisations performance and competitiveness to enable them to serve and to provide goods, services and jobs for the increasing population. The DWLSDI assists individuals and organizations to improve their wellbeing and performance. It helps community to set up and managed Self Help Groups (SHG) to strengthen their livelihood and to increase their income. DWLSDI organized around training, saving, credit activities, cooperation, mutual help and dependence. It develops appropriate labour-market information system (LMIS) to enable workers and entrepreneur tap from opportunities around them.

DWLSDI also focused on the needs and constraints of the unemployed graduates and provides them with trainings and skills to empower them to be self-employed. It also provides craftsmen, artisans, technicians, petty traders and farmers, professional groups, small scale entrepreneur, managers and top executives trainings to organize and manage their work decently and effectively to achieve maximum gains and benefits from their jobs. DWSLDI initiates and provides capacity building for organizations by training their artisans, craftsmen, technicians in all their areas of need to cope with the changing technologies and socio-economic conditions. The DWLSDI also provide organizations trained personnel in all fields to help them in achieving their goals and objectives. Trained and qualified employees are outsourced and contracted to organization based on agreed terms to improve their performance.